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Other Services


We are looking for alternative professional opportunities for the employee's transition to a new work environment using proven tools and methods. We provide assistance to people in a difficult life situation, such as job loss. 


WAGES Analysis and salary survey 

We will provide market research in the area of ​​wages and benefits through a detailed analysis according to your requirements. We focus on location, segment, position. We compare the current reality. 


HR marketing 

We will make sure that your brand gets into the subconscious of the wider environment. We have experience in building clients' brands in all areas. We know how to navigate the internet environment, including social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn or TikTok. We control online tools for searching for employees, including Sklik or GoogleAds. 

Why cooperate with us in the field of HR marketing? 

  • We have marketing specialists with HR experience who are professionals in both fields and can set up a campaign tailored to you 

  • We will prepare the campaign from a graphic and technical point of view 

  • We can take care of your website or page on social networks 

  • You will receive detailed reports of the results of your campaign from us 

  • We focus on the long-term development of companies' marketing 


RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) 

Don't have time to recruit or are you looking for temporary help in the HR department? We will help you with that and take over all the responsibility for recruitment activities. Recruiters can be at hand directly in the company, help in other areas of personnel management and deliver quality results in a short time.