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The first partnership between like-minded HR groups


A lot of multinationals are looking for a strong HR partner who can support them in their search for the right talent in different countries at the same time, guaranteeing the same high standard and expertise across markets. EUROTEMPS now offers them an alternative solution. Together with Orienta, the others Eurotemps members are:

  • Ràs Interim: is a French family group founded in 1969 and operating in services related to the management of Human Resources. Today based in France, Spain (R.A.S Interim Espana) and Luxembourg (Agrolux), R.A.S Interim has a strong network of more than 150 agencies.
  • Talenter™ Group: is a portuguese company founded in 1999 specialized at the meeting between people’s talent and the market needs.

Via Eurotemps, multinationals get access to specialized HR services through a network of more than 400 agencies  in France, Luxembourg and Spain (R.A.S.), Italy, Poland, Switzerland and Czech Republic (Orienta) and Portugal (Talenter). The Eurotemps members are committed to offer European companies a high-quality solution to find the right talent across borders.


  • Family Business: the guarantee of a long term involvement and vision.
  • Agility & proximity: Innovative Systems for HR Management. Our branches are all over Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and Czech Republic.
  • Strong loyalty of our temps and internals: we are human centric, we want to help people to grow up, to discover their potential. For us, the place of the employee is at the heart of the Group's performance.


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