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International Recruitment

Globl by Orienta: Expert Staffing for Global Workforce Needs

Your gateway to qualified international workers 


Since its inception as JobConnector in 2018, Globl has emerged as a pivotal force in international workforce mobility. As a progressive staffing agency, we specialize in both skilled and unskilled blue-collar positions, with a robust recruitment network primarily in the Philippines and other countries. Our expert teams offer tailored staffing solutions designed to meet your unique business needs.


Why Choose Foreign Workers?

In sectors struggling to fill positions, foreign workers present a valuable solution. Known for their reliability, work ethic, and proficiency in English, these workers are particularly motivated in markets like the Czech Republic, where they contribute significantly to productivity with their willingness to work and go the extra mile. Globl facilitates your access to this dedicated workforce, ensuring a perfect match for your organization's requirements.


Comprehensive Recruitment Services for Seamless Integration

Our end-to-end recruitment services cover everything from candidate selection to full integration into your work environment, compliant with local legislation.

The recruitment process, averaging 3-6 months, includes rigorous testing of each candidate to meet specific client needs. With over six years of experience in international recruitment, our experts in work permits, visas, and legal compliance streamline the process for you.

Professions We Staff

Globl fills a variety of manual labor and specialized roles, including:

  • Welders, Scaffolders, Warehouse Operators, Turners: Key roles in industrial operations.
  • Electricians, CNC Operators, Masons, Plumbers: Critical for maintaining and expanding infrastructure.
  • Truck and Bus Drivers: Essential for both domestic and international transport.
  • Production and Assembly Line Workers: Vital for manufacturing success.


Explore how partnering with Globl can enhance your access to a skilled international workforce and drive your business forward.

Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs and discover the Globl difference.