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Orienta Czech flies to the Philippines

During August and September 2022, Orienta Czech has been involved in an international project between the Czech Republic and the Philippines.

On behalf of three important Czech clients, our recruiters flew to Manila to carry out a vast recruitment campaign for several weeks to hire professional workers in the engineering industry.

The clients were looking for 3 profiles: Production Operators, Welders and CNC Operators.

Together with a recruitment partner based in the Philippines, Orienta CZ selected the best CVs for a face-to-face interview in Manila, followed by a meeting with the company. After these first days, candidates underwent some written and practical tests to assess their skills and knowledge.

For several days, recruiters evaluated the applicants to examine their potentialities and competencies, meeting more than 250 candidates and testing their skills on different practical tests, like welding and car seat assemblage.

At the end of 2022, Orienta CZ led another recruitment in the Philippines and is now ready to fly abroad again, to keep supporting the hiring of foreign specialized workers into important Czech companies.