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The Orienta Group


Orienta Group, one of Italy's leading employment agencies, was founded in 1993.

Committed to the growth of people and a driver of innovation in human resources, it specialises in temporary work, research and selection, staff leasing, training and outsourcing services and offers HR consultancy in all areas and production sectors.

In 2015, Orienta Group expands towards the Polish market, founding the company Orienta Polska with branches in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Katowice.
From 2021 Orienta also begins to operate in Switzerland, starting from the Ticino market, and in the Czech Republic with branches in Prague, Plzen, Ostrava and Brno: the European expansion strategy is therefore consolidated through a double and joint operation of development of the administration, research and selection and labour intermediation activities in Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Our history has been accompanying us for more than 25 years with passion, commitment and attention to the Client in the achievement of goals; today we have more than 60 branches and a turnover of more than 250 million Euros.

The growth of Orienta Group in Europe allows, also, the strengthening of the Eurotemps project, the first network of European Employment Agencies.
A network born from a partnership between Orienta and other foreign agencies, leaders in their respective countries, which aims to offer HR services through an international network.

Since 2016 Orienta has been part of the Elite programme of Borsa Italiana,a platform of the London Stock Exchange Group that aims to accelerate the growth of companies through an innovative path of organizational development.