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Tech Division

Our TECH division was created to meet the needs of companies that are constantly looking for workers in the technology field. 

The division offers quality, efficient and maximally flexible services in an industry where development and constant updating are key elements for successful results. 

Among the profiles that our recruiters select every day, there are those from the following industries: 

  • Automotive – to fulfil the needs of this key industry in the Czech Republic, we provide high-quality and flexible services able to adapt to such a dynamic environment; 

  • Manufacturing – the research of qualified profiles for this field can be very challenging, but our several partnerships with companies working in the industry prove our efficiency in finding the perfect candidate for each job position; 

  • Aerospace – our long history of success in aerospace proves our talent in dealing with this industry, for which we propose qualified professionals with the potential for immediate impact on manufacturing and operations 

  • IT – by carefully verifying the skills and expertise of the candidates, we provide high profiles that perfectly fit the most requested job positions of the future  

Our selection process is articulated on several levels to encourage the best service to our companies.  

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