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The IT field is one of those that is expanding the most. It encompasses all modern technologies, internet, software, robotics and artificial intelligence.  

Today, we are already surrounded by many job profiles that 10 years ago didn’t even exist and the future for ICT professionals is even brighter. We expect a substantial expansion in the demand for IT profiles.  

Schools, universities and academies now offer a wide range of courses for students who want to enter the field, as companies are starting to look for specific skilled personnel.  

What businesses will be looking for the most in the future are:  

  • IT Security Specialists  

  • Mobile Application Developers  

  • Web Developers  

  • Video Game Designers  

  • Computer System Analysts  

  • IT Managers  

And this is just a short list of all the profiles required.  


If you are looking for a career in the ICT world, check out our job offers.